Production Capability

Mossop believes in the long term success of leather as a key component to the shoe upper, leathergoods and upholstery industries.

The business is very attentive to the importance of delivery in good time with a solid policy that drives the fulfilment of contractual obligations to clients within a delivery lead-time agreed upon. This ensures that we are able to both satisfy big quantities and small ones – aligned with customer needs.

“Our approach to the production process are underpinned by precision, speed and flexibility”.

This believe continues to enforce our business as one of the leading suppliers of shoe upper leather in South Africa; ensures that we remain a valuable partner to our international affiliates and, continues to position us as a key supplier to selected and niche markets which embeds a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

Operational Standards and Ideals

“We are committed to excellence in all our operations that protect the safety of the people we employ, the environment and ultimately the community in which we operate. At the same time, we aim to work efficiently and cost-effectively in order to keep down the costs of delivering exceptional quality leather to our clientele.”

Mossop Leather is one of the first South African companies to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 standard certification. The Standard is based on a number of quality management principles: i.e.: a strong customer focus, the motivation/implication of top management, process approach and continual improvement.

By continuously looking for ways to improve our operations to remain innovative and error-free: Our employees have adopted core fundamental work principles to guide their personal and professional conduct within the workplace:







Mossop Leather is one of the first South African companies to achieve ISO 9001: 2015 standard certification.

We are members of SATRA – one of the largest leather and footwear authorities in the world.  We aim to have our R&D Centre be SATRA complaint – by 2020. It will be the first laboratory in Africa with this accreditation.

We are looking to be a “Gold Rated Leather Working Group” member tannery by 2019.

Quality Control for absolute value benefit

To ensure continuous alignment with market trends and standards Mossop Leather follows “total organisation quality” in all its operational activities. This applies to all other divisions within the business as well.

“Quality standards are pursued in all the tanning processes thanks to the continuous supervision of the expert technicians that takes responsibility in their various supervisory roles.”

Local and Export Capability

Mossop produces a comprehensive range of shoe upper, upholstery and leathergoods leathers.

It serves both the South African market as well as selected International markets.  International customers range from group customers in China, Italy and India as well as established house accounts in Germany, Cambodia and Vietnam.