At Mossop, we live our mantra of “More than just a Tannery”. Profitability is a crucial part of a business today – but we believe not at any cost.

Our people matter, our community matter, our environment in which we operate matter and our operational processes matter.

We are in the business of doing things in the right way. We are open and honest and live our core values each day by working hard towards achieving innovations across all parts of our business – to the benefit of everyone involved.

The Mossop Sustainability Pledge

By doing our utmost to tackle the challenges of sustainable development systematically within and outside our business that runs along the entire leather value chain.

By consistently setting developmental targets for ourselves to work towards.

It is critical that our business responsibly manage all its resources used in all our processes across the board. Here are four of our core areas:


Our people are our business. Therefore we create a safe working environment for our people to work in. We value each other’s ideas and perspectives to get better results and we hold ourselves and each other accountable in each of our respective business units or sections.

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure effective two-way relationships that is built on honesty and trust. We collaborate to gain and maintain legal compliancy and operate to the most stringent industry standards to contribute to the sustainability of our business.


Our focus remains resolute on driving productivity efficiencies throughout our operations. To be able to upgrade the quality of our processes on a continuous basis and to drive change in our overall performance – in a responsible and sustainable manner. To increase the visibility in our supply chain and improve the overall supply change performance by conscientiously sourcing the raw materials we use to the chemicals we apply.

Innovative Solutions

Our in-house technology capability in our dedicated Research and Development Centre provides world class, innovative solutions in leather production. By testing and employing new technologies to improve leather properties that contributes to sustainability during and after its life use – like our Optimum Range of High Performance Technical Leathers.

By continuously improving our processes by the reduction of our energy and water requirements where-ever possible across our operations. Making more efficient use of chemicals and finding new ways of using our by-products where applicable.


It is critical that our business responsibly manage all the resources used in our processes, given the scarcity of water in our region as well as manage energy sources more effectively in our operations.

We promote environmental responsible practices with the use of natural and renewable resources – where it is possible.

We also aim to reduce hazardous chemicals from the leather supply chain and comply with chemical and environmental regulations prescribed across our industry.